Support By People That Get It

There’s nothing like being surrounded people that just get it—sharing similar stories, providing helpful advice, and actively listening as you express your concerns. Everyone goes through hardship, but it’s how you choose to push through it that matters. And sometimes the healthiest way to handle life’s curve balls is with the support of your peers in a Senior Life Solutions program. Continue reading “Support By People That Get It”

Think fast—Are you spring break body ready?

Healthy food options of salmon, chicken, lettuce, bread, milk, strawberries and peppers

It’s mid-March and you’re looking forward to the blossoming warmth of Spring. As the weather heats up and the artic layers of clothing slowly shed off, you might be googling the latest “get fit quick” crash diet popularized by your favorite (maybe not so favorite?) social media celebrity. But we already have the secret to an amazing warm-weather body: you already have it! Continue reading “Think fast—Are you spring break body ready?”

Maybe that 5th cup of coffee is a sign of a bigger problem?

Let’s face it, most of us will commonly hit an afternoon slump where coffee or some tasty caffeinated beverage helps get us over the hump.  And, there are times in our lives where we constantly feel tired due to working late nights, caring for a newborn, cramming for finals or a multitude of other activities. BUT, if you are noticing more times than not, your overwhelming feeling of tiredness is not going away, or you have abnormal sleep patterns or consistently lack sleep, you might be dealing with a sleep disorder. Continue reading “Maybe that 5th cup of coffee is a sign of a bigger problem?”

Prevent Colorectal Cancer with Timely Screenings

Did you know colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death in  women and 3rd for men?  However, when caught in its very early stages, can have up to a 90% 5-year survival rate, according to the American Cancer Society.  “This is a largely preventable or curable cancer with early detection and removal of precancerous polyps. Unlike breast, lung or prostate cancer, we can prevent many colon cancers,” said Dr. John Bozdech of Quincy Medical Group. Continue reading “Prevent Colorectal Cancer with Timely Screenings”

Swing Beds: The Next Stop in Recovery Before Home

Maybe you’re on the road to recovery but not quite there yet. You no longer need full hospital care, but you aren’t ready to return home, either. You need something that’s a step in between, a place with some care and with rehabilitation services. Maybe you need to swing on over to Culbertson’s Swing Bed Program.  The Swing Bed Program serves patients with conditions such as hip or knee replacements, stroke, pneumonia, post-surgical procedures, and extended IV therapy. Continue reading “Swing Beds: The Next Stop in Recovery Before Home”

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Heart Disease Affects Younger People Today

Are you at risk of heart disease? It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women, accounting for one in every four deaths, and is now striking younger people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So even if you think you’re too young to worry about heart disease, the reality is that increasing rates of obesity and high blood pressure in younger people means you do need to pay attention to things like diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels — whatever your age. Continue reading “Keeping Your Heart Healthy”