Keep Your Kiddos Safe All Summer Long

Summertime is here! The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and your list of summer plans may include a few household favorites like swimming, amusement parks, or soaking up the rays. Remember! With great fun, comes great responsibility. To make sure your children enjoy summer as safe as possible remember the following tips with all your favorite outdoor activities this season! Continue reading “Keep Your Kiddos Safe All Summer Long”

Understanding Minority Health

It’s no secret that human beings all share similar experiences, yet have different cultures, languages, foods, and social norms. The world has become more interdependent as technology makes it easier to interact with people on the opposite side of the world. With technology increasing in all fields (to include the medical field), we learn more about our bodies and how they work every day—we even learn about how our special differences affect our bodies differently, too. Continue reading “Understanding Minority Health”

Support By People That Get It

There’s nothing like being surrounded people that just get it—sharing similar stories, providing helpful advice, and actively listening as you express your concerns. Everyone goes through hardship, but it’s how you choose to push through it that matters. And sometimes the healthiest way to handle life’s curve balls is with the support of your peers in a Senior Life Solutions program. Continue reading “Support By People That Get It”

Think fast—Are you spring break body ready?

Healthy food options of salmon, chicken, lettuce, bread, milk, strawberries and peppers

It’s mid-March and you’re looking forward to the blossoming warmth of Spring. As the weather heats up and the artic layers of clothing slowly shed off, you might be googling the latest “get fit quick” crash diet popularized by your favorite (maybe not so favorite?) social media celebrity. But we already have the secret to an amazing warm-weather body: you already have it! Continue reading “Think fast—Are you spring break body ready?”